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Wildlife Sanctuaries In India

India is a land of diverse forms of flora and fauna. There are about 441 wildlife sanctuaries in India. Out of these 441 sanctuaries, 28 of them are Tiger Reserves. These sanctuaries are specially contributing to the cause of tiger conservation. There are about 80 National Parks in India. Apart from visiting a wildlife sanctuary, you can also visit the national park and bird sanctuaries.

The wildlife sanctuaries in India provide shelter to many species of birds, mammals, insects, and plants. It also has many endangered species in it. These wildlife sanctuaries are famous tourist attractions of the country.

Some of these sanctuaries are famous for the specific animals. For example: Wild life sanctuary in Periyar (Kerala) is famous for elephants.

These sanctuaries are marked with rock structures, landscaping, and different types of plants and trees. They provide you with a beautiful glimpse of nature and wildlife. There is a wildlife safari available which would help you while you visit a wildlife sanctuary. The information regarding the wildlife safari could be checked out with the respective sanctuaries.

Some famous wildlife sanctuaries in India are:

Gir National Park and Sanctuary Gujarat
Panna National Park - Madhya Pradesh
Hazaribagh Sanctuary - Bihar
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary - Kerala
Corbett National Park - Uttar Pradesh

Wildlife sanctuary in India is a perfect destination to be visited that would make your holidays the most memorable and cherishing experience. They promote tourism in India. Many special wildlife tour packages at affordable rates are available, if you are planning to tour India and visit sanctuaries.

The detailed information of these could be collected online. Wildlife tours in India travel are provided in various combinations on the websites. The suitable combinations, their availability, and costs are detailed. You can select the appropriate wildlife tour on the basis of your own preferences.

We are familiar about wildlife that we get to see in television channels. These sanctuaries help you to get a closer view of the animals and birds and understand their habitat. These wildlife sanctuaries are situated on huge acres of land. A tour of these sanctuaries is done on elephants or jeeps and boats.

There are many bird sanctuaries in India. The most famous bird sanctuaries in India are Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala. Bharatpur bird sanctuary is situated in Rajasthan. It is one of the famous bird sanctuaries of the country.

Travel tips to be considered while visiting wild life sanctuary in India are enlisted below:

Check out the timing of the day, when the sightseeing of these animals is possible, in advance and plan accordingly
Follow the guidelines of the guide
Dont click photos in the restricted areas
Undergo a medical examination before undertaking such trips
Keep necessary things such as food, water, and first aid kit

Wild life sanctuary in India is an ecstasy for all animal lovers. India is a land of various diverse forms of many distinct species. If we want to know more about them, one should surely visit a wild life sanctuary.

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